Paper. Not Plastic.

Meet Lia. The first and only flushable pregnancy test.

Tired of bulky, planet-polluting plastic sticks too?
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An eco-friendly, paper-like material


Ultra thin design and easy to carry


You won't find our test in the trash

Here’s to all the ladies who’ve ever hidden a pregnancy test.

We're here to let you know, you're not the only one.

Maybe you have a toddler who loves to go “dumpster diving,” maybe you have a mother with a master’s degree in snooping, or maybe you simply consider what you do with your body a private matter. (Imagine that!)

Call us radical, but we believe every woman should be able to share her news the way she wants to – on her own terms.

So no more peeing on sticks in store bathrooms. No more crafting toilet paper mountains with Martha Stewart-like skill. And no more landfill-bound plastic polluting the planet.